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Cooking Oil Dispenser With... Rs. 599.00 Rs. 999.00
Material: SiliconeColour: MulticolorHandle Material: Acrylic, SiliconeIs Dishwasher Safe: Yes Great for Oiling Pans, Mopping BBQ Sauces, Buttering Corn and Crushing PastryMicrowave safe glass jar, Dishwasher safe, BPA less, Stove-side convenience, always at hand.Sturdy & Durable: Made by Durable & Food Grade silicon acrylic Material, This makes them completely safe for storing food items.Multipurpose: Can be used to hold a variety of condiments: pepper, sugar, salt, spice, powder, corn starch and more.
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Oil Sprayer Mister for... Rs. 599.00 Rs. 999.00
Colour: WhiteMaterial: steel, Stainless SteelCapacity: 100 MillilitersRecommended uses for product: JuicesNumber of Items: 1Product dimensions: 6.5W x 15.8H centimetersSpecial features: Lightweight, SprayItem weight: 2 GramsIncluded components: 1 Quality - The oil sprayer for cooking is made of 304 High-quality stainless steel and with a large area press button, easy to press and control the dosage, anti-skid design with wave strips; with nozzle hiding inside the cap, anti-dust. which has an anti-skid design at the topMultipurpose - This olive oil sprayer mister is the perfect tool for the home & kitchen. Fill in the sprayer with your favorite oil, sunflower oil, vinegar, soy sauce, lemon, and lime juice. And widely used for salad making, Cooking, Baking, Roasting, FryingEasy to Use - The attached small funnel allows you to fill up with oil more easily, and the unobstructed hose will not cause oil clogging. As the density of the oil is different from the water, the oil's performance may not so good as the water when it is sprayed, we suggest you can put the sprayer higher a little when you use olive oil, keep the bottle staying vertical as possible to get better-shaped mist
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Glass Oil Dispenser Bottle... Rs. 599.00 Rs. 1,299.00
Colour: BLACK & WHITEMaterial: Glass, PlasticCapacity: 210 MillilitersRecommended Uses For Product: This oil spray is perfect tools for home & kitchen 銆怤ote 銆-The oil sprayer can spray in a horizontal or vertical type spray. when you spray oil, you need to squeeze with force. Oil is viscous, obviously, and requires more force to squeeze it out. If you squeeze too lightly, you鈥檒l get more of a stream of oil.銆怓ood Grade Safety Glass Material Oil Sprayer銆- We use the safer glass material as the container bottle of the oil sprayer锛宧igh temperature resistant. If it falls on counter it won't shatter.The glass material will be safer and more friendly for cooking oil, and easier to clean. if you want to use it for a longer period of time, the glass oil sprayer is the better choice.銆怱ealing Leakproof & Large Opening銆-Multi-layer screw-interface design of the top-cap allows the top-cap to be firmly fixed to the oil bottle锛孴ransparent bottle design, you can tell the amount of remaining liquid easily. Large opening makes it easy to refill without a funnel, the specially designed lock-sealed bottle is tightly sealed, prevent leakage. Don鈥檛 need to worry about the olive oil leaking or getting dirty, just use the oil sprayer with peace of mind.銆怣ulti-purpose Oil Sprayer銆-This olive oil sprayer mister is the perfect tool for the home & kitchen. Fill in the sprayer with your favorite oil, sunflower oil, vinegar, soy sauce, lemon, and lime juice. And widely used for frying steak锛宻alad making, Cooking, Baking, Roasting, Frying.銆怑asy to Clean銆- This refillable glass oil sprayer is easy to clean锛孞ust open it, adding warm water and detergent, shaking it gently, and then using water to clean it; The rotating nozzle can be taken out for easier cleaning,Washing water temperature not higher than 50 鈩,and it cannot be washed in a dishwasher.銆怤ice Gift 銆- oil sprayer are nice gift for moms, cooks, healthy-conscious individuals, food enthusiasts alike. We鈥檙e convinced you will love your new oil sprayer, however, if not fully satisfied we will give you a full refund.
2 in 1 Glass Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle with Silicone Brush 2 in 1 Glass Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle with Silicone Brush
2 in 1 Glass... from Rs. 699.00 Rs. 999.00
Introducing our versatile and stylish Glass Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle with Silicone Brush 2 in 1, the ultimate kitchen accessory for cooking enthusiasts and home chefs. This innovative bottle combines functionality, convenience, and elegance to enhance your cooking experience. Easy to Use: Dispensing Oil Bottles, Bottle Brush .Large bottle mouth, easy to pour oil. Non-slip brush head, easy to press for quick oil input and quantitative oil output, avoiding the waste of oil. Gently squeeze the dripper and suck in the fluids. Then release it slowly in the pot and basting it evenly on the food. Dispenser bottle cap is equipped with a leak-proof silicone sealing ring to provide a safe airtight seal to prevent liquid leakage and keep the seasoning fresh for a longer time. Easy to Pour: Large diameter bottle mouth makes it easy to pour oil without a funnel. You can easily pour oil, vinegar, chili oil, etc. Widely Used: Oil Bottle Brush, Bottle Baster Brush for BBQ, Silicone Oil Brush, Olive Oil Vinegar Salad Dressing Dispenser Bottle. The silicone brush evenly applies oil on meat, pots and so on! Suitable for kitchen cooking, baking and outdoor barbecue. Easy to Clean: Glass bottle and cap with silicone brush, each part can be disassembled and cleaned separately, and the dispenser is easy to install. The brush can also be used alone .Cleaning with detergent and tap water, dishwasher safe. Food Grade Material: All-in-one Oil Brush & Bottle, Basting Brush, Silicone Pastry Baking Brush, Oil Bottle and Brush Silica Gel Oil Brush. Made of food grade clear glass and silicone material, easy to check the remaining amount of sauce or oil, and the silicone brush is heat resistant up to 250鈩, safe to extremely hot food. 馃毇NOTE: "NO REFUNDS", IF YOU RECIVED A DAMAGED PRODUCT, WE WILL EXCHANGE IT WITHIN 7 DAYS.
Automatic Oil Dispenser Automatic Oil Dispenser
Automatic Oil Dispenser from Rs. 799.00 Rs. 1,499.00
Introducing the revolutionary Automatic Oil Dispenser - your ultimate solution for hassle-free and precise oil pouring! Designed with convenience and precision in mind, this innovative device is here to revolutionize your cooking experience. Say goodbye to messy spills and guesswork when it comes to adding oil to your recipes. The Automatic Oil Dispenser takes the guesswork out of measuring and pouring, ensuring you get the perfect amount of oil every time. Whether you're drizzling oil on salads, saut茅ing vegetables, or greasing pans, this dispenser is your reliable kitchen companion. Why should You buy this?? Convenience and time-saving: Simplify oil pouring, eliminate guesswork, and save time in the kitchen. Precision and consistency: Ensure accurate measurements for perfectly balanced flavors in your dishes. Hygiene and cleanliness: Touchless operation reduces the risk of contamination and maintains a clean cooking environment. Reduced waste: Pour only the necessary amount of oil, minimizing spills and saving money. Customizable pouring: Adjust the flow rate to suit your cooking style and preference. Easy to use and clean: User-friendly design with detachable parts for effortless maintenance. Versatile: Compatible with various types of cooking oils, expanding your recipe options. Upgrade your cooking experience with the Automatic Oil Dispenser and enjoy the benefits of convenience, precision, cleanliness, and versatility in your kitchen
Stainless Steel Folding Steamer Basket Stainless Steel Folding Steamer Basket
Stainless Steel Folding Steamer... from Rs. 699.00 Rs. 1,299.00
Eating Healthy Nutritious Food Has Never Been Easier !馃崕馃ガ Main Features : 1.聽Durable Construction 馃洜锔: Made from聽high-quality stainless steel, this steamer basket is built to last, resisting rust and corrosion for long-term use.2.聽Adjustable Size 馃嵅: The folding design allows for easy adjustment to fit different pot sizes, making it versatile for various cooking needs.3.聽Healthy Cooking 馃ウ: With its steaming capability, this basket helps retain nutrients in your food, promoting healthier cooking.4.聽Easy Storage 馃摝: The collapsible design makes it easy to store in your kitchen cabinet or drawer, saving space when not in use.5.聽Multipurpose Use 馃崵: Besides steaming vegetables, this basket can also be used for cooking dumplings, seafood, and more, adding versatility to your kitchen arsenal. High Quality Stainless Steel Food steamer is made of food grade stainless steel. Steaming is a healthy cooking choice because it helps retain more than 90% of the nutrients lost when boiling. Expandable And Collapsible Steamer Vegetable steamer basket collapsed diameter is聽5.1 inches. It expands to 9 inches once petals are stretched out. The "wings" that fold in and out allow the steamer fit various pot/pan sizes or pressure cooker, turning any pan into a steamer. Multiple Functions Steamer The food steamer can be used as a聽strainer,聽fruit basket聽or聽serving bowl, also can be used to steam veggies, seafood, eggs, meats, desserts, baby food and more. Adjustable Size Opens like a water lily and it folds compactly to聽save storage space. Constructed with collapsible 18 panels that can be adjusted up to 6.5 inches to 11.2inches. Turn Any Pot Into a Steamers Steam your food or vegetable or in any pots with this heavy duty steamer basket that is durable enough to withstand high temperatures. Can expand and fits in various kitchen pots with 5, 6, and even 8-quart capacity.
Double Layer 2 in 1 Liquid soap Dispenser Double Layer 2 in 1 Liquid soap Dispenser
Double Layer 2 in... from Rs. 699.00 Rs. 1,299.00
Say goodbye to messy countertops and hello to convenience! Introducing our Kitchen Liquid Dispenser + Bowl combo! 馃嵅鉁 Free Kitchen Cleaning Sponge Make washing dishes faster and cleaner, No messy, No dripping and Dragging Integrated Scrubber Holder This innovative product combines soap dispensing and scrubber storage, minimizing countertop clutter and maximizing space efficiency. No more fumbling for soap or misplacing your scrubber. Two-in-one Design This dispenser features a dedicated holder for your scrubber, keeping it within arm's reach and maintaining a tidy sink area. 鉁 Easy Pouring: Effortlessly dispense liquids with precision. 鉁 Mess-Free: Keep your kitchen clean and organized 馃専 Space-Saving Design: Keep your countertop clutter-free. Dimensions
Multipurpose Silicone Reusable Mat Multipurpose Silicone Reusable Mat
Multipurpose Silicone Reusable Mat from Rs. 699.00 Rs. 1,499.00
Keep your Tables & Counters Safe!! Say Hello to a Good Multitasker for your Kitchen.. 聽 Fabulously useful in any kitchen, this Multipurpose Silicone Mat Keep your hands safe while handling hot pans, dishes and pots from the oven or stove. 1. Heat Resistant: Withstands high temperatures, making it suitable for use as a baking mat or hot pad.2. Non-Stick Surface: Prevents food from sticking, making it easy to clean and use for baking, roasting, or food prep.3. Versatile: Can be used in the oven, microwave, freezer, or as a countertop protector.4. Durable: Made of durable silicone that is flexible and tear-resistant, offering long-lasting use.5. Easy to Clean: Dishwasher safe and easy to wipe clean, saving time and effort in kitchen cleanup. Multifunctional Silicone Mat Safely hot pots on your table / platform without damaging the surface (new-age trivet), use it in place of mitts for holding hot pans, open tight jar caps, rest your cooking spoons, or shell garlic cloves with silicone pot holders. Lightweight & Heat Resistant The new released unique edition distributes heat to better protect your hands from burn or hot things. Premium Food Grade Silicone These pot holders was made up of food-grade silicone material, they won鈥檛 stain, mold or absorb odors. Easy to clean & use Can be squeezed or shaken. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe, waterproof, each pad has a hole for easy hanging.
Dry Masala Grinder
Dry Masala Grinder Rs. 1,199.00 Rs. 2,400.00
Grind Even Small Amount Of Raw Spices Instantly That A Large Blender Doesn't The large blender is only used to grind much amount of spices or cereals. But you can't grind a less amount of spices with a large blender right? So our Dry Masala Grinder comes to the solution to grind any amount of dry and hard seeds such as coffee, pepper, beans, rice, cereals and what not. Try it & You will love it. 猸愨瓙猸愨瓙猸 "I love it! Very useful for preparing fine powders, masala powders, pepper, etc. But only in small quantities at a time. Go for it without a second thought. You won't regret it." - Gunjan How To Use & Real Reviews From Our Customer: 鉁 Powerful &聽Quick聽- Press & grind all types of spices, beans and coffee in as little as 7 seconds, or ultra-fine espresso particles for espresso coffee in under 30 seconds. Similar time frames when used as a wheat grinder, spice grinder, or nut grinder. 鉁 Safe & Easy聽- It's easy to use as you just press the pulse button until the coffee beans are ground into fine particles before having hot water poured over them to brew coffee. It's also easy to clean with a micro brush or a damp cloth. Only when the chamber is closed the grinder will operate, which is safe for use and worry-free. 鉁 Transparent Protective Cover -聽The see-through lid allows you to view the contents of the cup throughout the process which means you can achieve the perfect consistency every time. 鉁 Durable Stainless Steel Material - The upper body is made of high-quality stainless steel and the base is made of ABS hard plastic, making it a portable and durable grinder. Specifications: Power: 150 W Voltage: 220 V Material: Stainless Steel & ABS Plastic Size: 8 x 8 x 17 CM
Fridge Organizer Divider Clip Fridge Organizer Divider Clip
Fridge Organizer Divider Clip from Rs. 599.00 Rs. 799.00
The side compartments are classified and stored, easy to find and clear at a glance. Make full use of space. It can be freely moved and adjusted according to storage requirements. Sorting, storage and orderly placement: bottles, cans, bags, placed neatly to prevent door movement and collision. Recyclable, compact, compact, best materials, internal and external, easy to install, multi-functional.
Manual Vegetable Slicer Manual Vegetable Slicer
Manual Vegetable Slicer Rs. 799.00 Rs. 999.00
Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming task of slicing vegetables! Effortless Design The extended handle design of the French Fry Cutter makes it easier to hold and operate, allowing you to cut potatoes with less effort. This feature is especially helpful for those who struggle with grip strength. Sharper Blades The French Fry Cutter boasts sharper blades that are made of 420 surgical stainless steel. This high-quality material ensures that the blades stay sharp for longer. Premium ABS Material The French Fry Cutter is easy to clean thanks to its food-grade BPA-free material. Simply rinse the cutter under running water or place it in the dishwasher for a quick and hassle-free cleanup.
2 in 1 Vegetable Cutter with Peeler 2 in 1 Vegetable Cutter with Peeler
2 in 1 Vegetable... Rs. 499.00 Rs. 799.00
Slice and dice in half the time with our 2-in-1 vegetable cutter!" With its ergonomic design and sharp, stainless steel blades, this 2-in-1 vegetable cutter can quickly and efficiently chop a wide variety of vegetables, including onions, peppers, cucumbers, and more. Its dual-blade system ensures precision cuts every time, saving you time and effort in the kitchen. 聽Not only does our vegetable cutter make chopping faster and easier, but it also ensures a tear-free experience when chopping onions. Its advanced blade technology helps to minimize the release of irritants that cause eye irritation and tears, making onion chopping a breeze. 聽 聽 聽 Product Name: 2 in 1 Vegetable Cutter with Peeler (Multicolour) / 2 in 1 Veg Cutter Stainless Steel 5 Blade Vegetable & Fruit Cutter for Kitchen Package Contains: 1 Cutter, Material: Others, Color: Colour as per availability Weight: 200聽
2 In 1 Dumpling Maker (Assorted Color) 2 In 1 Dumpling Maker (Assorted Color)
2 In 1 Dumpling... Rs. 799.00 Rs. 1,299.00
Impress Your Friends & Family With Perfectly Shaped Momos Every time 聽Premium & Safe Material Our dumplings tool is made of high quality food grade PP for durability, with smooth surface and good texture. Press the tool and they will immediately make a beautiful dumpling. Easy to use and clean, just rinse the flour with water.
(Buy 1 Get 1 free) Ultimate Cooking Companion Apron (Buy 1 Get 1 free) Ultimate Cooking Companion Apron
(Buy 1 Get 1... Rs. 899.00 Rs. 1,599.00
Features: 1,Made from high quality oxford and polyester velvet, this household stain-proof apron is breathable, wear-resistant, comfortable and non-deformable, helping you to better manage your kitchen life. 2,Waterproof and oil-repellent design, the surface of the fabric is treated with a water-repellent coating to effectively prevent splashing and staining. 3,The adjustable buckle design makes it easy to wear and adapt to the needs of different groups of people. 4,Both sides are designed with coral velvet absorbent towel, which can wipe hands and is convenient and practical. 5,Large pocket design for cell phones, cooking utensils, hand tools and others storage .
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Bottle-Portable Dual Straw Separate Drink Water Beverage Bottle Bottle-Portable Dual Straw Separate Drink Water Beverage Bottle
Bottle-Portable Dual Straw Separate... Rs. 599.00
Product Name: Bottle-Portable Dual Straw Separate Drink Water Beverage Bottle Package Contains: It Has 1 Piece Of Bottle Product Dimensions(L x W in cm):-22cm x 7cm Materials: Plastic Color: Colour as per availability Capacity: 600ml Combo/Set Of: Pack of 1 Additional Information: A cup of dual use, the cup has a partition layer for two flavored drinks at the same time, non-toxic, safe and environmental protection.Leakage proof lid design, no worry about placing it in your bag.Dust cover can prevent dust and keep water clean. Weight: 350
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Electric Mini Garlic Grinder Chopper Vegetable Meat Fruit Crusher Small Food Processor with USB Cable Electric Mini Garlic Grinder Chopper Vegetable Meat Fruit Crusher Small Food Processor with USB Cable
Electric Mini Garlic Grinder... Rs. 599.00
Product Name: The Food Chopper With USB CablePackage Contains:聽1 ItemColor: Color as per availableMaterial: PlasticCombo: Pack of 1Weight: 400About this item The food chopper is equipped with an easy push-down presser, just press a few times then you will get everything done well as a chef. Premium stainless steel tools can help you accomplish chopping in seconds. This hand food chopper can mince onion, garlic, nuts, celery, pepper, cilantro, and more, which meets every need for seasoning. 250ml ml, with 3 sharp tools, it can chop garlic, ginger, peppers, vegetables, fruits, meats, etc. And with electric function, save your time and release your hands. A small chopper is also easy for you to store. The cup body and lid are separable, the sharp tools can be removed from the cup body and washed directly.