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Glass Oil Dispenser Bottle... Rs. 599.00 Rs. 1,299.00
Colour: BLACK & WHITEMaterial: Glass, PlasticCapacity: 210 MillilitersRecommended Uses For Product: This oil spray is perfect tools for home & kitchen 【Note 】-The oil sprayer can spray in a horizontal or vertical type spray. when you spray oil, you need to squeeze with force. Oil is viscous, obviously, and requires more force to squeeze it out. If you squeeze too lightly, you’ll get more of a stream of oil.【Food Grade Safety Glass Material Oil Sprayer】- We use the safer glass material as the container bottle of the oil sprayer,high temperature resistant. If it falls on counter it won't shatter.The glass material will be safer and more friendly for cooking oil, and easier to clean. if you want to use it for a longer period of time, the glass oil sprayer is the better choice.【Sealing Leakproof & Large Opening】-Multi-layer screw-interface design of the top-cap allows the top-cap to be firmly fixed to the oil bottle,Transparent bottle design, you can tell the amount of remaining liquid easily. Large opening makes it easy to refill without a funnel, the specially designed lock-sealed bottle is tightly sealed, prevent leakage. Don’t need to worry about the olive oil leaking or getting dirty, just use the oil sprayer with peace of mind.【Multi-purpose Oil Sprayer】-This olive oil sprayer mister is the perfect tool for the home & kitchen. Fill in the sprayer with your favorite oil, sunflower oil, vinegar, soy sauce, lemon, and lime juice. And widely used for frying steak,salad making, Cooking, Baking, Roasting, Frying.【Easy to Clean】- This refillable glass oil sprayer is easy to clean,Just open it, adding warm water and detergent, shaking it gently, and then using water to clean it; The rotating nozzle can be taken out for easier cleaning,Washing water temperature not higher than 50 ℃,and it cannot be washed in a dishwasher.【Nice Gift 】- oil sprayer are nice gift for moms, cooks, healthy-conscious individuals, food enthusiasts alike. We’re convinced you will love your new oil sprayer, however, if not fully satisfied we will give you a full refund.
2 in 1 Glass Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle with Silicone Brush 2 in 1 Glass Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle with Silicone Brush
2 in 1 Glass... from Rs. 699.00 Rs. 999.00
Introducing our versatile and stylish Glass Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle with Silicone Brush 2 in 1, the ultimate kitchen accessory for cooking enthusiasts and home chefs. This innovative bottle combines functionality, convenience, and elegance to enhance your cooking experience. Easy to Use: Dispensing Oil Bottles, Bottle Brush .Large bottle mouth, easy to pour oil. Non-slip brush head, easy to press for quick oil input and quantitative oil output, avoiding the waste of oil. Gently squeeze the dripper and suck in the fluids. Then release it slowly in the pot and basting it evenly on the food. Dispenser bottle cap is equipped with a leak-proof silicone sealing ring to provide a safe airtight seal to prevent liquid leakage and keep the seasoning fresh for a longer time. Easy to Pour: Large diameter bottle mouth makes it easy to pour oil without a funnel. You can easily pour oil, vinegar, chili oil, etc. Widely Used: Oil Bottle Brush, Bottle Baster Brush for BBQ, Silicone Oil Brush, Olive Oil Vinegar Salad Dressing Dispenser Bottle. The silicone brush evenly applies oil on meat, pots and so on! Suitable for kitchen cooking, baking and outdoor barbecue. Easy to Clean: Glass bottle and cap with silicone brush, each part can be disassembled and cleaned separately, and the dispenser is easy to install. The brush can also be used alone .Cleaning with detergent and tap water, dishwasher safe. Food Grade Material: All-in-one Oil Brush & Bottle, Basting Brush, Silicone Pastry Baking Brush, Oil Bottle and Brush Silica Gel Oil Brush. Made of food grade clear glass and silicone material, easy to check the remaining amount of sauce or oil, and the silicone brush is heat resistant up to 250℃, safe to extremely hot food. 🚫NOTE: "NO REFUNDS", IF YOU RECIVED A DAMAGED PRODUCT, WE WILL EXCHANGE IT WITHIN 7 DAYS.
Automatic Oil Dispenser Automatic Oil Dispenser
Automatic Oil Dispenser from Rs. 799.00 Rs. 1,499.00
Introducing the revolutionary Automatic Oil Dispenser - your ultimate solution for hassle-free and precise oil pouring! Designed with convenience and precision in mind, this innovative device is here to revolutionize your cooking experience. Say goodbye to messy spills and guesswork when it comes to adding oil to your recipes. The Automatic Oil Dispenser takes the guesswork out of measuring and pouring, ensuring you get the perfect amount of oil every time. Whether you're drizzling oil on salads, sautéing vegetables, or greasing pans, this dispenser is your reliable kitchen companion. Why should You buy this?? Convenience and time-saving: Simplify oil pouring, eliminate guesswork, and save time in the kitchen. Precision and consistency: Ensure accurate measurements for perfectly balanced flavors in your dishes. Hygiene and cleanliness: Touchless operation reduces the risk of contamination and maintains a clean cooking environment. Reduced waste: Pour only the necessary amount of oil, minimizing spills and saving money. Customizable pouring: Adjust the flow rate to suit your cooking style and preference. Easy to use and clean: User-friendly design with detachable parts for effortless maintenance. Versatile: Compatible with various types of cooking oils, expanding your recipe options. Upgrade your cooking experience with the Automatic Oil Dispenser and enjoy the benefits of convenience, precision, cleanliness, and versatility in your kitchen
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Cooking Oil Dispenser With... Rs. 599.00 Rs. 999.00
Material: SiliconeColour: MulticolorHandle Material: Acrylic, SiliconeIs Dishwasher Safe: Yes Great for Oiling Pans, Mopping BBQ Sauces, Buttering Corn and Crushing PastryMicrowave safe glass jar, Dishwasher safe, BPA less, Stove-side convenience, always at hand.Sturdy & Durable: Made by Durable & Food Grade silicon acrylic Material, This makes them completely safe for storing food items.Multipurpose: Can be used to hold a variety of condiments: pepper, sugar, salt, spice, powder, corn starch and more.