Motivational Water Bottle With Time Marker (Set of 3)

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Motivational Water Bottle With Time Marker (Set of 3)

Rs. 999.00 Rs. 1,299.00 sale

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Motivational Water Bottle with Straw 3 Pcs, 2000ml 900ml 300ml Time Marker

Introducing the Motivational water bottle, a stylish and functional hydration partner that adds a touch of quirkiness to your daily routine. This Motivational Water Bottle sipper combines captivating gradient colors with outstanding features, making it the ultimate choice for meeting your daily water intake goals in a fashionable manner.

This set of bottles is a powerhouse is suitable for kids, adults, and anyone who wants to stand out while staying hydrated. The buyer should pull out the bottles that are packed inside one another. There are stickers inside the bottles that you can paste per your convenience.

Product Features:

  • The bottle set includes 3 bottles with gradient colors, each with a capacity of 2000 ml / 900 ml / 300 ml.
  • The front of the bottles features motivational quotes, while the back displays capacity measurements.
  • Whenever you see or think about the bottles, they will automatically encourage you to drink and help you easily reach your daily water intake goal.
  • We make the large water bottle using high-quality grade plastic that is 100% BPA-free, non-toxic, harmless, and odourless.
  • The built-in leak-proof silicone pad ensures that spills or leaks are never a concern.
  • The water bottle lids and straws are removable, making cleaning easy.
  • The wide mouth of the half-gallon water bottle allows for easy addition of ice, fruits, or other items.
  • The sturdy handle can double as a phone holder, allowing you to watch movies hands-free.
  • This high-quality, large-capacity water bottle makes an ideal gift for family, friends, colleagues, bosses, clients, boyfriends, or girlfriends, encouraging them to drink more water and embrace a healthy lifestyle
  • The water bottle is easy to carry and suitable for various activities such as students, office workers, athletes, running, gym fitness, outdoor sports, and home or office use.

Package Contents: 3 pcs * Motivational Water Bottle

NOTE: We ship the bottle in random colors.